Every surfer requires a different volume in their surfboard depending on their weight, ability and the waves they surf. Generally, the more weight a surfer has, the heavier the wave or the higher their ability, the lower the board volume they can get away with. Boards with high volumes perform well in small mushy waves, but are often too buoyant for bigger, heavier wave types.

Many surfers make the mistake of buying performance boards they watch the pros ride in heavy waves like Bali or Hawaii, then expect them to perform the same at their local slow, mushy beach breaks that are more suited to higher volume, fish styled boards or longboards. Having the incorrect board under your feet can has a severe impact on your progression, and it is recommended that all surfers think carefully about what board suits them, or talk to a local shaper before making a purchase. Most pros and talented surfers have a number of different volume boards to suit the different types of waves they surf, this allows them to get the best possible craft under their feet for every session.

Over the years many different shapers and surfboard manufacturers have attempted to create the perfect board calculator, however it is still yet to be done. Below is a volume guide we recommend using, and the links below are calculators by other popular board companies. We recommend you try the test on a few of these to get a general idea of what volume is right for you.

Firewire Calculator

Lost Surfboards Calculator

Global Surf Industries Calculator