Price : 1200.00 Hawke's Bay Boardzone Surf Co.
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Brand of Board: Tom Carroll

Board Volume: 143

Board Length: 10 4"

Board Width: 30"

Board Thickness: 4 5/16"

Board Construction: epoxy

Fin Configuration: 3

Condition: New

RRP $2200-
he Tom Carroll Paddle Surf (TCPS) Long Grain V2 stand up paddle board (SUP) is inspired by TC’s love of classic longboard style surf SUPing. This popular model received some minor design modifications, making this popular SUP a true leader within this style of riding.
OVERVIEW: A shift in volume placement, bottom curves, and a broader nose outline offers more effective riding from tip trimming to tail stall turns and pivoting. All the while adding stronger lightweight construction methods.
DESIGN: The wide point has been brought forward creating a broader nose and narrower water exit zone, especially at 12″ – 24″ up from tail. Longer more parallel rail line improves trimming from nose to just beyond halfway, where turning curves begin flowing into a clean round tail offering easy opportunity for change in direction.
CONTOURS: We maintain the original chine rail and displacement bottom contours, with some very subtle adjustments to the concave depths in the entry and through the relaxed central paddle zone to offer less resistance under paddle power. Slight increase in tail rocker offers swift access to tighter curves in the pocket of the wave. This combination of bottom contours allows water to travel easily under the large surface area while reducing slapping and sticking.
ROCKER: Lower entry rocker and increased tail rocker both creates simpler glide into unbroken waves, then once we step back its easier to engage tighter turns off the tail area.
PERFORMANCE: We bring three sizes into the Long Grain V2 range via co-designer Blane Chambers’ inspired marriage of chine rail and hydrodynamic hull. This effectively reduces rail volume for ease of engagement when moving from rail to rail, while delivering an underlying feeling of manageable sensitivity. Now working with the lighter, more responsive and durable Carbon Fusion (CX) Construction offers the rider stable paddle glide, controlled wave trim from nose to mid-section, with tighter changes of direction from the tail.
FIN RECOMMENDATONS: FCS II 8″ or 9″ Whip centre fin with FCS II TC SUP Quad rears as side bites. (Centre fin size synced with your own body size, I’m 70kgs – 150lbs and love the 8″ Whip)

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