Price : 1195.00 Hawke's Bay Boardzone Surf Co.
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Brand of Board: HS

Board Volume: 30.19

Board Length: 5'9"

Board Width: 19 3/4"

Board Thickness: 2 7/16"

Board Construction: future flex

Fin Configuration: 3

Condition: New

When a surfboard is hard to align to a specific genre, its sometimes best left “Untitled”, although Hayden’s latest creation can be defined by words like speed, versatility and fun.

With a slightly fuller plan shape, this winged swallow tail shortboard has a flatter deck through the centre of the board, which puts more volume under the chest and between the feet providing amazing wave catching ability, and added stability when up and riding.

The entry rocker is nice and flat to allow the board to generate speed in average conditions, and get into waves early. The moderate amount of curve through the middle transitions into high tail rocker, which translates to speed and sensitivity off the tail you wouldn’t normally find in substandard conditions, and the confidence to turn in a reactive, tight arc.

The single concave on Untitled is much deeper than any other board in the Haydenshapes range. This increases lift in weaker conditions, and also allows the board to track on the central rail when drawing a longer line in bigger conditions. The winged swallow tail breaks this deep concave creating a defined pivotal turning point in the tail shape.

Untitled is a design that will become your go-to performance board in everyday conditions. Call it what you will, but one thing’s certain, its guaranteed for fun.

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