Ultraflx Byrne Ultraflx Byrne

  • Publish Date: 17-06-15
  • Price: 795.00

$1095.00 rrp Designed for smaller waves; the O-zone has a rounded square tail, greater width and flatter nose entry than the Owen Pro, making it skate through dead sections with ease. The ULTRAFLX technology enhances both the paddling power and…

$1095.00 rrp Designed for…

Board Length: 5'11"

LSD Modern Lover LSD Modern Lover

  • Publish Date: 16-06-15
  • Price: 695.00

LSD 6'0" Modern Lover PU $925.00 rrp The Modern Lover is the contemporary performance short board. Proportionally wider outline in the nose and tail creating a more parallel outline for added drive and additional area for paddle and planing speed. A tad…

LSD 6'0" Modern Lover PU…

Board Length: 6'0"